Contribute to our Seed Fund

Our Seed Fund supports our growth through December 2017. This will be a pivotal and exciting time for the Adoption Museum Project as we build on our accomplishments and move forward on many fronts: developing our next projects, building our community of supporters and collaborators, and expanding our team.

This requires many resources, including money. Will you contribute? Offering your financial support is a key way to be part of the Adoption Museum Project — and join us in creating change in adoption.

Contribute online

Visit our fiscal sponsor, Intersection for the Arts, to donate online

Contribute by check

Make your check payable to “Intersection for the Arts”. Write “Adoption Museum Project” in the notes section. (This ensures that your donation goes into our account and you receive an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes.) Mail the check to: Intersection for the Arts, 901 Mission Street, Suite 306, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Other arrangements


We are fiscally sponsored

This means that we have nonprofit status. You will receive a tax deduction for any contribution you make and a written acknowledgement for your records.

Our fiscal sponsor is Intersection for the Arts. For 50 years, Intersection for the Arts has provided fiscal sponsorship and other assistance to Bay Area artists and arts organizations. Their services support the growth of their practices, the development of sustainable livelihoods, and the realization of their work. We are proud to be a member of this community.

Intersection for the Arts